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Make it Awkward with Dani Bates

Dani Bates

Make It Awkward Podcast is a new podcast talking about uncomfortable things. Dani had this idea for a podcast several months before Denny passed away and now she has a platform to do it. She is bringing along Denny’s best friend Thom as they attempt to make awkward things easier to talk about. Dani will answer questions from followers about her journey through widowhood, losing her husband to suicide, and now being a single mom of kids who have dealt with a lot of trauma. They will have guests on most weeks who come to answer the most awkward questions about their own life situation, job, family, trauma, etc. While the topics discussed may be of a more serious nature, they hope to bring a lightheartedness to tough things and make it okay to laugh about how hard life can be.Dani Bates was widowed by suicide in 2019. Her husband, Denny, was 35 when he took his life. She has two little girls ages 3 (Winnie) and 1 (Piper). She loves to sew and write and is passionate about suicide prevention and mental health awareness.Thom was Denny’s best friend of 15 years. He has a wife, Chelce, who is currently pregnant with their third child. They also have a son, age 5 (Lincoln); and a daughter, age 3 (Nora). Thom loves to grill and barbecue and make inappropriate jokes.

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